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January 2012 All Guilds Meeting

Portrait de Doobes

Shorah!  Doobes here again with the latest from this year's first All Guilds Meeting, moderated by me this month!  Sadly, we hit Kirel's 50 person limit sometime in the middle of the meeting, so not everyone was able to attend.

Therefore, I bring a consolation prize in the form of a couple of chatlogs.  They come in two flavors as usual: raw and cleansed.

Guild of New Greeters

Making their second appearance at the AGM, the GoNG announced their first full fledged members: Trekluver, TomVal, Adamyst and Doobes.  They also mentioned their new website and wiki ( and that they are still accepting new members if anyone is interested.

The Open Cave

Making their first showing at the AGM was The Open Cave team.  The Open Cave is the name of their new shard that works much like the current MOULa shard, only with a lot of custom additions, such as pets that follow you around the Ages and even an all new version of the city called the "City of Dimensions".  They encouraged all to visit their site at to sign up and use their installer that will copy your current MOULa files into a new directory to modify them for TOC.

Also making an appearance was JWPlatt, Mac, and rarified from OpenUru.  They took the opportunity to bring everyone up to speed on their own new shard, dubbed Minkata. JW also took some time to personally thank everyone who had helped to test the server so far, including Adam "Hoikas" Johnson.  rarified was keen on getting as many people into the shard for a proper "stress test", so everyone was encouraged to sign up at their earliest convenience.

Guild of Messengers

As we always do, we finished out the meeting with the GoMe, led by Lunanne this month while Leonardo was away. The first issue of The Cavern Post had finally been finished, so Luna took some time to describe what was in this particular issue.  The team is looking forward to getting to work on the next one, with a target of releasing a new magazine (hopefully) every month.  Luna also stressed that the CP will take any and all content that is submitted.


Over the course of the meeting, it was mentioned several times that the CAVCON meter had fallen back to 3.  Many presenters and explorers in the audience encouraged others to donate to the fund, even going so far as to suggest another CAVCON party at some point.

And that's all for this month.  See you in February! :D

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